Nothing (poem)

Today is a day where nothing gets done;

You’re sure you woke up, but don’t see the sun

Already lost and you’ve not left your bed;

Water fills your lungs while nothing fills your head

You sit and you think, you think and you sit;

You ponder your life and the meaning of it

Elusive and vague, a fish in a bay;

Words swim in your mouth with nothing to say


Nothing is new, nothing is old;

Nothing is everything, if you might be so bold

You know it’s not healthy to stare at the ceiling;

But you’re hoping the fan will send down some feeling

You think and you sit, you sit and you think;

Years passed you by in one swift blink

Nothing has changed, nothing’s the same;

Nothing is all that seems to remain


Ambition is sapped by the silk of your sheets;

While your youth is off running out in the streets

The mirror reveals quite a surprise;

Time drew circles under your eyes

As though you are fading, a wilting bouquet;

A tangled puppet in a black ballet

Nothing’s to do that’s not been done;

Able legs, nowhere new to run


Nothing is here, nothing is there;

Nothing seems to be everywhere

You drape a big nothing over your shoulders;

Because your bones feel cold and increasingly older

You pour a cup of nothing, no sugar, no cream;

Straining to remember last nights dream

Some place, somewhere, you’d much rather be;


You say,

“Someone else can be me”

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