Marlton Mayors Cup 5k (2017)

This time last week I crossed my third Marlton Mayors Cup finish line.
Time: 22:09 – Pace: 7:08
Surprised JonnyI was hoping to beat my previous 20:30 (2015), but I started training late for the race so I’ll take it. However, where I missed one goal, I accomplished another I wasn’t even expecting. I placed in my age group category! But I didn’t even know it; here’s what happened…

The printed results read 4/13 for Males 25-29, so I completely wrote off winning anything during the award ceremony because only the top 3 place. On top of that, when my name was in fact called, an excited group was cheering so loudly for the person called before me that I didn’t hear it. It wasn’t till after that Joanna Candy found me and told me I placed! How did this happen if I was 4th?? Matt Bell (1/13 in my age group) won 1st overall with a crazy 16:03! Since he won that category, he couldn’t win another and I was bumped up to 3rd! This was my first time placing and winning an award shirt. Surprised is an understatement.

All the hard work I put in last minute payed off an a big, unexpected way for me, even though I felt I missed the mark.

Here you can see the footage of the finish. I’m not in frame till about 6:18.

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