Thinker / creator / visionary

1990-born Jersey boy — a product of growing up with Saturday-morning cartoons, home-schooling, Nintendo and Gameboy-Color, Mondo Squeezers, Magic Tree House books, skate parks, all the sports, bands like UnderØath, ABR and TDWP, kind parents and the life-changing impact of Christ with more youth camp memories then one can recount.

Always listening to music and often found: running/kickboxing, inside a smoothie bar or coffee shop, playing video games or watching a movie/series, half-living in my car, catching sunsets, at a concert in Philly, making time for the good people who matter in my life, hitting the slopes, by the coast at the family boat in West Wildwood or writing songs.

I picked up a guitar, two drum sticks and vocal lessons at age 15 after playing the trumpet since age 9. I published my first, small album in 2012 and joined a band (Rosu Lup) as drummer, back-up vocalist and keyboardist shortly after completing my AAS in Liberal Arts. I returned to being a front man under my own title and have been writing since. I have a morbid sense of humor, I think mean people suck and I am a sucker for terrible puns.

I hope you stick around, I have some interesting things to share and I’m sure you do too.

Isaiah 1:18

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