tsWelcome to my blog!

1990s-born nerd and avid listener of music. Here you’ll find discussion of meaningful subjects, things I’ve learned (as a product of growing up with faith), and the strangeness of this life amidst my own humorous outlook.

When I’m not blogging (and have successfully crawled out from under my computer science degree homework) I’m often playing video games, exercising/running, feeding my eye-holes with another horror film or interesting series, or making time for people who matter in my life. I picked up music at 15 (guitar/drums) and have been writing ever since. I played in a band (Rosu Lup) as drummer for a short time and found myself wanting to be a front man again under my own title. I love anything from going to concerts, to diner-coffee and talks, to snowboarding trips (or just doing anything with good people in general), to eating pizza that would make the TMNT proud, or imagining where I’ll be when the undead do inevitably rise from the ground. I have a ridiculous/morbid sense of humor and am a sucker for terrible puns.

I hope you stick around, I have some interesting things to share and I’m sure you do too.


Isaiah 1:18



8 thoughts on “About

    • Wow thank you! That’s super encouraging! It’s a main reason I write, to get people thinking, so that’s awesome. Was there anything in particular?
      Also, I’ve made a Facebook page (tallsnowblog) to make it easier for people to find and share my posts there too.


      • We ran around the idea that you elaborated on in your “Unplugged” post. Kinda went back and forth about the pros and cons, but mostly (in our topic at hand) landed together on the thought that social media ultimately screams & attests against us as we try to claim that our lack of pursuing God, His Word, holiness, etc. is due to shortage of time. Some also went on and read your dating one and chatted, but I was not present for that.

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      • I’m glad it applied! Sounds like a cool group. I like your perspective on how our online usage specifically betrays our claims (especially those! haha). I’m gonna be thinking about it a little more specifically. Again, I really appreciate the attention to my posts and am inspired to keep writing more frequently. Thank you! All thoughts/questions welcome.

        What’s your church? (I’m assuming)


      • Yes please keep them coming! The world needs more perspective like yours.
        It’s actually a church plant that unofficially started two weeks ago, called City Awakening (Im still bitter about the name haha). Lots of people up for wrestling through all sorts of thoughts and ideas. Love it.


      • Congrats to you guys! Haha yeah interesting name. You guys sound like a band. But thank you I definitely will keep writing, and I’m glad to hear that you guys like thinking deeply about faith. Super healthy.

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