Two Years (That Time I Had a Man Bun)

Funny how something like 2 weeks (finals) can take forever and yet 2 years pass by so quickly. Two years, I'm learning to find, holds more significance to me than I originally thought. Two years ago, I started this blog. Two years ago, I also resolved to let my hair grow for the foreseeable future (with a man... Continue Reading →

Nothing (poem)

Today is a day where nothing gets done; You're sure you woke up, but don't see the sun Already lost and you've not left your bed; Water fills your lungs while nothing fills your head You sit and you think, you think and you sit; You ponder your life and the meaning of it Elusive and vague,... Continue Reading →

Sleep (poem)

And so, sleep, to forget a day, to seal it tight. Sinking deep behind closed eyes, behind the light. Wherein to keep, one just might, another day for another night. And abandon again, the memory to sleep.

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