Wildwood Weekend with the Family – 9/30/17

This was my last time down at the boat this year with my family. Jaimie and Ryan took me out blackfish fishing for the first time right a the Cape May inlet.  These fish live in the rocks lining the inlet. The trick to catching them is letting your crab-bait-ornated lure sit on the surface... Continue Reading →

Story: Be Friendly, You Never Know When You’ll Get Free Climbing Shoes

(written on August 06, 2017) I love stories where something comes together perfectly, something that would literally be the last thing you'd expect to happen waking up that day... I'm sitting in my favorite, local, coffee shop. It's 9am on a Sunday and my stomach is inhabiting a latte, that my friend Ryan brewed up... Continue Reading →

Long Lost Brothers: Abandoned Adventures – Palace of Asia

Whenever Noah and I are reunited, good times are had. Recently, he drove down from VT and we decided to hang. We spent part of the day just driving around listening his band's (Misanthrope) new album (Deathwish) which was just released today! So you should check that out. We also hit Brand New's latest (amazing)... Continue Reading →

On Kindness, Karma & Picking Up Prostitutes

I'm fairly certain I just had a prostitute in my car. But let's back up... It's a sunny 85º Sunday afternoon. I'm driving in my dad's truck because my Jeep is at the mechanics. I have just left my house to return the movie "Lights Out" to my nearest Redbox -- Jake Davis spent the... Continue Reading →

That Recurring Nightmare

What's your worst nightmare? Mine would most assuredly involve evil clowns in some fashion. Although, I believe those two words (evil and clown) to be interchangeable, so I sorta just said evil twice. However, I believe we all have that one recurring nightmare. Maybe it's not quite your worst nightmare, or even the worst thing you can think of.... Continue Reading →

A Poltergeist: A Short, Real Story

I have never experienced anything as confusing or seemingly paranormal as what I had today, but it is a unique experience I felt was worth sharing. It is not typical to receive posthumous calls from long-dead phones.

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