Love is a Dance

Love is a dance. Not everyone dances well from the start, let alone with a partner. But in time, all can. We all have our own styles. And sometimes we bump into someone who taps their toe to a similar beat. Other times, we are drawn to the contrast. Regardless of who you find yourself... Continue Reading →

I Want a Red Sea Faith – Trusting God in the Desert

(featured image by my amazing girlfriend, Maureen) This past Sunday, I decided to visit a new church, Kingsway. My regular church, Fervent, had a service Thursday night, and not Sunday, so people could spend time with their families over this Labor Day weekend, which I think was a great idea. Yet, I still wanted to... Continue Reading →

Something’s Not Right

(featured image by Caleb Reyes. Instagram: @cubby113) I wake up to yet another day in the same room: a space I haunt routinely. I visualize all the days I've come and gone and know, today, I will get out of bed the same way I have thousands of times before. I feel trapped in a moment of... Continue Reading →

“That’s a Hard Career to Get Into”

I've had it. Why are we so discouraging as a human race? If I had a dollar for every time I have heard the phrase, "That's a hard career to get into," I would be able to buy a couple Big Macs, with a large drink and fries on the side, from an employer which my... Continue Reading →

I Will.

Life does not come in set miles and perfectly lined, quarter-mile tracks. Life comes in rivers. It comes in bumpy asphalt, which trees have tore up in wild rebellion. It comes in unforeseen turns and unplanned situations.


I wish I could freeze all social media for one week, just to see what would happen... I have found myself feeling like I just don't have enough time at the end of every week, or even every day. I want to pick up projects that have been on the back burner, but before I... Continue Reading →

Roads to Home

It’s all the same language and you’ve heard it time and time again. You would consider yourself fluent by now. It’s a constant conversation held between you and the road. And there’s only one topic that ever seems to come up…

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