Something’s Not Right

(featured image by Caleb Reyes. Instagram: @cubby113) I wake up to yet another day in the same room: a space I haunt routinely. I visualize all the days I've come and gone and know, today, I will get out of bed the same way I have thousands of times before. I feel trapped in a moment of... Continue Reading →

Spring Break 2017 – A Trip to the Lockharts (VT)

For my spring break I thought of nothing better to do than to catch up with dear friends who moved to VT and hit my first mountain in the state with my pal Noah. It's been five years since I boarded regularly and I could not be happier to get back into riding. Noah and... Continue Reading →

Two Years (That Time I Had a Man Bun)

Funny how something like 2 weeks (finals) can take forever and yet 2 years pass by so quickly. Two years, I'm learning to find, holds more significance to me than I originally thought. Two years ago, I started this blog. Two years ago, I also resolved to let my hair grow for the foreseeable future (with a man... Continue Reading →

“That’s a Hard Career to Get Into”

I've had it. Why are we so discouraging as a human race? If I had a dollar for every time I have heard the phrase, "That's a hard career to get into," I would be able to buy a couple Big Macs, with a large drink and fries on the side, from an employer which my... Continue Reading →

I Will.

Life does not come in set miles and perfectly lined, quarter-mile tracks. Life comes in rivers. It comes in bumpy asphalt, which trees have tore up in wild rebellion. It comes in unforeseen turns and unplanned situations.

That Recurring Nightmare

What's your worst nightmare? Mine would most assuredly involve evil clowns in some fashion. Although, I believe those two words (evil and clown) to be interchangeable, so I sorta just said evil twice. However, I believe we all have that one recurring nightmare. Maybe it's not quite your worst nightmare, or even the worst thing you can think of.... Continue Reading →


I wish I could freeze all social media for one week, just to see what would happen... I have found myself feeling like I just don't have enough time at the end of every week, or even every day. I want to pick up projects that have been on the back burner, but before I... Continue Reading →

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