Marlton Mayors Cup 5k (2017)

This time last week I crossed my third Marlton Mayors Cup finish line. ⏱Time: 22:09 - Pace: 7:08 I was hoping to beat my previous 20:30 (2015), but I started training late for the race so I'll take it. However, where I missed one goal, I accomplished another I wasn't even expecting. I placed in my … Continue reading Marlton Mayors Cup 5k (2017)

“If It Won’t Make Money, It’s a Waste of Time”

If it won't make money, it's a waste of time. -- This is my latest demon. I find that I'm discouraged so easily from the things I used to enjoy merely because there is this pressure driving like a train behind every ambition. The simple idea of picking up my guitar, going for a run, … Continue reading “If It Won’t Make Money, It’s a Waste of Time”

On Kindness, Karma & Picking Up Prostitutes

I'm fairly certain I just had a prostitute in my car. But let's back up... It's a sunny 85º Sunday afternoon. I'm driving in my dad's truck because my Jeep is at the mechanics. I have just left my house to return the movie "Lights Out" to my nearest Redbox -- Jake Davis spent the … Continue reading On Kindness, Karma & Picking Up Prostitutes

Making Sweet Potato Fries

I like making spontaneous, little, vlogs. Here's one about me cooking veal for the first time along with a solid recipe for delicious sweet potato fries.

Something’s Not Right

(featured image by Caleb Reyes. Instagram: @cubby113) I wake up to yet another day in the same room: a space I haunt routinely. I visualize all the days I've come and gone and know, today, I will get out of bed the same way I have thousands of times before. I feel trapped in a moment of … Continue reading Something’s Not Right

Spring Break 2017 – A Trip to the Lockharts (VT)

For my spring break I thought of nothing better to do than to catch up with dear friends who moved to VT and hit my first mountain in the state with my pal Noah. It's been five years since I boarded regularly and I could not be happier to get back into riding. Noah and … Continue reading Spring Break 2017 – A Trip to the Lockharts (VT)